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If you are seeking an investment opportunity that offers both personal and financial benefits, the Smart City Larkana Residence is an ideal choice. This exceptional property for sale boasts a 400 square yards commercial plot, complete with a multitude of amenities and services that are designed to enhance your quality of life.

The Smart City Larkana project has been specifically created to address Pakistan's housing gap, by providing access to luxurious living and affordable home financing options. Situated in a rapidly growing area, this property offers a prime opportunity for those seeking to invest in the real estate market.

The double-storey residence boasts a spacious 400 square yard plot with innovative design features. TWith its exceptional location and range of amenities, the Smart City Larkana Residence is a compelling investment proposition that is well worth considering for anyone who is looking to make a lasting impact on their future. he natural ventilation creates a cool and comfortable environment, with windows and doors strategically placed to maximize the flow of fresh air.

This prime real estate property in Pakistan boasts a range of essential amenities to ensure comfortable living. The property features an uninterrupted water supply, on-site security staff, a reliable Sui Gas connection, and a functional electricity connection. For enhanced safety, the premises are enclosed by a boundary wall. Additionally, the development offers underground utilities and bicycle lanes, promoting eco-friendly living for its residents.

With 134 plots for sale, this project is located in the coveted Smart City of Larkana. By making a small down payment of only 20%, interested parties can secure their desired plot. Flexible payment plans are available to cater to varying needs, with options for monthly or quarterly installments. Moreover, the Smart City Larkana Residence offers access to mortgage loans and housing finance from reputable banks under the government of Pakistan's flagship program. This enables residents to construct their dream homes on spacious 400-square-yard plots, further increasing the property's investment potential.

Investing in this property in Pakistan is a wise choice, with its luxurious amenities and affordable financing options. It is an excellent addition to any real estate portfolio, providing an attractive return on investment.

Smart City Larkana

Smart City has set the bar high for location, luxury and investment potential.

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